Monday, June 27, 2011

Boracay Beach Resorts

Boracay beach resorts is a popular tourist spot for local or tourist in Philippines, it was situated approximately 200 miles south of Manila. In 1991 it is voted as one of the best beaches in the world according to BMW Tropical Beach Handbook and once again in 1996 as #1 tropical beach as the worlds  according to British publication TV Quick. Boracay Island is not only popular for foreign visitor aswell for local tourist especially during summer vacation.

Boracay island is situated off the north west corner of Panay Island and it is also part ok Aklan province with a land area of 10 square km. They spoke a local known as Aklanon, Visaya, and Filipino (Tagalog). There are 2 mode of transportation bound to Boracay, by air and by sea. By air there are 2 airports cater transportation for local and foreign tourist, Kalibo International Airport and Katiklan Airport. Secondly by land and seas as there are several Manila based bus company operate bus routes going to Caticlan via SRNH.


There are a lots of accomodation scattered all throughout the perimiter of Boracay beach Resort, ranging from luxurious to budget type of accomodation. Pricing for Boracay hotels and resort varies depending on period of heavy tourism such as during summer season, or during lond holidays such as christmas holiday.

Outdoor Activities:

Leisure activities on Boracay Island Resort includes golf, snorkeling, scubadiving, kite boarding and off course swimming at the white sand and beach relaxation. It also has a lots of night club, bar and restaurant for Boracay nightlife.

Boracay island resort is so perfect that it offers everything that tourist are looking for that makes it as one of the most visited tourist spot in Philippines.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baguio Tourist Spots Destination

Baguio city is a popular tourist spots destination  in the Philippines not only for foreign tourist but also for local tourist. Baguio city is 220 kilometer away or 5-6 drive from city of Manila with an altitude of about 1,500 feet from sea level. Because of its high elevation, Baguio city has become the summer capital of the Philippines for having the coldest temperature compare with other area in the Philippines, the city temperature is usually 8 degrees celsius lower compare to average temperature of the rest in the country. There are several  mode of transportation from Manila  to Baguio, by land and by air. If you are going  to Baguio by land there are a lots of public utility buses bound to Baguio, I think for the time being the transportation fare will cost less than Php 400.00 for a one way airconditioned bus. You have to passby on several province going to Baguio, they are Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, and Pangasinan, and La Union. From La Union there are three access road known leading to Baguio on a mountain trail, Kennon Rd, Marcos Highway, and Naguillan Rd.  The other means of transportation going to Baguio city is through airplane from Domestic airport in Manila to Loakan airport in Baguio, it will ontake you a maximum of 45 minute travelling by air. Where to stay in Baguio is not really a problem because there are a lots of transient house for cheap  Baguio accomodation that are capable for accomodating entire families in a reasonable price, you could always find guys with cardboard placard in bus terminal aswell in Burnham park Baguio offering transient house to stay with. The transient house is usually fully furnished, they even have pot, utensils, and gas stove to prepare food. Aside from transient house you could always find a lots of hotel in Baguio city, there are a lots of hotel to choose that will surely suit with your budget. Hotel Elizabeth Baguio, Venus Park View Hotel, Albergo Hotel, Hotel Venis to name. Baguio city is a great tourist destination for Filipino during summer, for the reason that it is not really  far from Metro Manila where local tourist mostly came from and of course for the ovbious reason that the temperature in Manila during that time is so warm. Taxi and jeepney is the main trasportation to visit tourist spot in Baguio city which is really affordable but if you want your travel become more convenient there are some car rental that are available for their service.

Popular Tourist Spot in Baguio:

Burnham Park : A park within the heart of city plaza, the park has a man made lake at the center where can rented boat for boating, they also have skating rink and biking area for tourist.

Mines View Park : It is popular place for tourist to shop and buy souvenir, explore and view scenery of an abandoned mine.

Camp John Hay : Is formerly a recreation place for United States Armed Foces in the Philippines dring the time that they have still a base in Subic and Clark, At present, the former American facility serves as a major tourist attraction in Baguio city. Among its current major attractions are the Par-69 golf course, several restaurants and shops, and the Manor a  Suites at Camp John Hay.

Wright Park : It is a park nearby Mines View Park, it main attraction is horse back riding for a tourist who wish with.

Mansion House : Official residence of President of the Philipppines in city of Baguio.

Baguio City Market : It offers different native handicraft for souvenir, you could find here fresh vegetable as baguio is a part of salad capital of the Philippines.

And a lots more...

Friday, June 17, 2011

About the Philippines

philippine map
Philippines is an archipelago compose of 7,107 island with a land area of 300,000 square km. It is divided into three island groups: Luzon which also compose of different island, which includes the main island of Luzon, Mindoro, Palawan, Masbate, and Batanes island, Luzon is also the biggest island in the Philippines. Visayas is the second group and can be found in southern part of Luzon, it compose of Bohol, Cebu, Leyte and Samar and last is Mindanao which can be found on the Southern part of Visayas, it is the second largest island in the Philippines with an estimated area of 95,000 square km. Mindanao includes the main island of Mindanao and it also includes The archipelago of Sulu which consist of Basilan, Sulu island and Tawi-Tawi. Philippines is divided into hierachy of government known as Local Government Uniti (LGU). The entire Philippines is compose of 81 province which compose of different municipalities and cities and sub divided into small community known as Barangay.  Philippines is known as the only Christian nation of Asia as majority of Filipinos are inclined with their Catholic faith, aside from Catholicism there are also other Christian denomination that can freely practice their belief such as Iglesia ni Cristo, Protestantism, Born Again Christian and other Christian small Christian congregation. A lots of Filipino are also inclined with Islam faith especially for those Filipino on southern part of Philippines particularly in Mindanao, while there is some diversity with Filipino religious belief each of us are equally protected by Philippine law as guarantee by Philippine constitution.
Philippines is a tropical country, the air is humid as our country was sorrounded by seas and ocean, the temperature is warm.Philippines has three season, Summer (March to May), Rainy (June to November), and Winter season (November to February). The official language in the Philippines is Filipino (Tagalog) and majority of Filipino are English litterate too which make English our second widely used language. Aside from Tagalog and English, Filipinos also speak with their own local dialects such as Kapampangan, Bicol, Visayan, Ilocano and a lots more...

Best Tourist Spot in Philippines

Philippines is a great destination for every person who cherish relaxation in daily stressed life, You could find in Philippines the biggest mall in asia or probably in the world, that makes our country a shoppers haven for tourist but if you were looking for affordable Philippine product or souvenir, Divisoria is  best to visit as there are a lots of product which are not only affordable with a quality. Aside from being a shoppers destination you could also find some Historic places in Philippines particularly in Manila such as  Fort Santiago, Rizal Park, Manila Cathedral. Because Philippines is an archipelago and compose of different island our country is also popular for its beautiful beaches and the most famous among them is Boracay island in Aklan province, Panglao in Bohol, Pagudpod beaches and others. This is just a partial list of tourist spot in Philippines as there are still hundreds or thousand of amazing places which our country country can be able to offer.